Early diagnosis and treatment of squint (eye turn) and lazy eye.

Here at OJO, you can be assured of the most professional and comprehensive of services, fully tailored to your concerns, needs, and conditions present.

Good eyesight doesn’t only mean that you can see small lines, but consists of color vision, 3D vision, eye muscle function, amongst others. We know and understand how important it is, therefore our eye examinations don’t only stop at finding out the refractive of your eyes. We also do an all-inclusive eye check, ensuring that your sight and the health of your eyes, from front to back, are well taken care of. A comprehensive eye examination would take around 30 minutes.

Our optometrists are enthusiastic and adept at their responsibilities, with our customers often commending on the attentiveness and genuine care for them. They have been trained extensively and often attend continuing education on the use of the equipment and their techniques. This paired with their excellent service, is sure to make your experience with us a pleasant one.

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We are partnering with the Community Eye Health (CoEH) in Singapore, an initiative by J&J Vision, Singapore Optometric Association and Myopia Centre by Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC). This initiative not only provides the best myopia management with combined methods (E.g Atropine drops with Ortho-K lenses), but also helps in the early diagnosis of squint (Eye Turn) and Lazy Eye.

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How a visit to your heartland optical shop can help you detect eye diseases early.

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Review by one of our happy, satisfied customers:

“I was highly impressed with the attentive and thorough service provided by optometrist Jason during my comprehensive eye examination. He avoided the use of lengthy medical terms and broke down my results and advice offered in non-jargon terms. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with his level of knowledge in answering all of my questions and concerns. Probably one of the best eye examinations I’ve had in Singapore and the UK. Thank you.”

— Shu

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