Spectacle frames/lenses and sunglasses are extensive and easily accessible. From needs to fashion must-haves, affordable to ultra-premium, the plethora of retail stores to online options, shopping for frames/lenses and sunglasses is a breeze.

Nonetheless, getting a pair of well fitted prescription spectacles or sunglasses, as well as a satisfied purchase journey is altogether a different level of eyecare and shopping experience.  For both your daily comfort and eye health, having your prescription spectacles and sunglasses fitted by an experienced and reliable eyecare professional is not an option.

At OJO, KAI JOO, our mission to provide a wholesome vision care experience and affordable eyewear for our customers bring together a professional team of 13 passionate and enthusiastic eye care practitioners in ensuring the eye health, comfort and satisfaction of our customers, from the moment they step into our establishment up to the aftercare services.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide selection for your optical needs and we respect your budget. You will be spoilt for choice from practical spectacles to designer eyewear and lenses to suit your lifestyle needs.

Visit us and select from our extensive collections, the perfect pair of eyewear/lenses to complement your daily needs and style.

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