Happy Satisfied Customers

We understand the importance of eye health, the associating care and comfort which are of paramount importance to your daily well-being. Getting the right support from a professional and reputable optical store makes a difference. We are humbled by the reviews of what our happy and satisfied customers shared.

Good before and after-sales service

“OJO Optometry at Tampines One has a good range with an affordable price.  Their service is excellent and friendly. I had an awesome experience getting my glasses from OJO Optometry.”— B Tan

“They are very professional and meticulous in their eye examination and glasses prescription. I have very sensitive eyes and so far only they can provide the best comfortable glasses for me at a good price. Would recommend them to anyone I know. Keep up the good work. 👍👏✌️” — Kevin Peng

For the past 2 years, they have been a real lifesaver. All the staff are friendly and understanding. They were able to provide what I needed and there were a few times where I had to delay payments, and yet they were very understanding as well. Really helped me a lot through a difficult time. Products (one-day Acuvue contact lenses) are of high quality!” — Young Ji

Knowledgeable and Friendly Team

“Very satisfied with my new pair of Glasses.  Professional customer service with excellent expertise.  They are also equipped with the latest equipment with utmost precision.” — Carrol Seah

“My family purchased 3 pairs of glasses from this shop. The optometrist is very friendly and knowledgeable. He solved my long-time problem. very good service. Definitely recommended.” — Anton Sadavoy

6-star anytime!!!!!!  Wonder why? Many optical shops have given up on finding my “perfect” vision glasses, which is a cross between an office lens and bi-focal progressive lens.  Having a head larger than normal, it takes patience and professionalism to finally obtain the best fit, and KAI JOO DID IT!!!  Amazingly skilful and competent, Jenny/ Chin Lian with years of experience did it! I went back and had another pair done up with ic!-berlin screwless frame, super-duper light… reasonably priced, and priceless satisfaction!!!  Try them out, you’ll be delighted.” — Thomas Chhoa


“Just went earlier to get my 8 years old eyes scanned after reading all the positive reviews.  We came all the way to Hougang, we were sooo impressed with the services provided.  Quick assessment, precise and very detailed. My 8 years old is extremely shy but they are very kids friendly too! Parents, if you do have kids who are having their glasses done for the 1st time or many, many times, this is a place you should go to.  Affordable price and tip top service! 10/10” — Aliesya

We came to OJO for Ortho-K lenses and under Kang Lian’s care, my son now has perfect eyesight during the day after wearing the lenses at night and is able to see clearly in the swimming pool to play water polo. He also does not need to use eye glasses to see in the classroom anymore! Kudos to Kang Lian for his skill and taking good care of my son!” — Julie Goh

“I am a happy and blessed mother to meet the professional & patient optometrist, Jason Tan. My son’s shortsightedness increased drastically during 2020 after home-based learning. Jason recommended my son with Ortho-K. Jason has never failed to remind us of the follow-ups and check via whatsapp. Jason and his team of secondary optometrists created a chat group which was so helpful in the initial weeks when we had lots of ad hoc queries. After talking to some friends, I realised that not all shops have this group chat service. Which made me feel that I am very blessed to come to the right shop. 5-star Ortho-K optometrist (Jason), thank you, and my son’s shortsightedness has been stable since 1.5 years ago.” — Yenling Tan

Speciality Services (Ortho-K, Hearing Aids)

The team was very patient with me as I was a first-time spectacle wearer and contact lens wearer. They checked in with me from time to time and had very prompt responses. WhatsApp communication as a channel was very effective for me, as I didn’t have to call anyone, but just text them. The free delivery of contact lenses during this covid period was very much appreciated.— Raen Lim

OJO also offers a comprehensive range of eye examinations and services tailored for all stages of life, from early detection of refraction errors to myopia management and eye disease screening. Overall, I rate my overall experience most pleasant. Highly recommended.” — Wan Jinn Lee

“Chin Lian/Jenny is an experienced optometrist. She noticed my son having Irlens Syndrome which is a condition that could be corrected with a special kind of tinted lenses. After wearing the specially tinted lenses, my son finds reading easier and words are not “jumping around” anymore. Very warm and professional. Highly recommended! 👍👍” — ST Tan