The Efficacy of Atropine Combined with Orthokeratology

Once a child has myopia, their vision tends to get worse over time. Thankfully, there are ways to slow down this worsening – also known as myopia management.

Over at OJO, KAI JOO, we specialise in Orthokeratology treatments, and for a more effective treatment against myopia, we often recommend parents to combine the usage of Atropine together with Orthokeratology treatments.

Based on a recently published meta-analysis that involves 341 participants younger than 18 years old, the analysis suggests that the eyeball elongation rate is lower for participants who combine the usage of Atropine together with Orthokeratology treatments, as compared to the other participants who only rely on Orthokeratology treatment.

The longer the eyeball elongation rate, the higher the myopia. To add on, International Myopia Institute has stated that anyone with an eyeball length longer than 26mm is associated with a higher risk of myopic-related eye diseases.

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