Zeiss Industry Discussion

Our optometrist, Mr Lee Kang Lian, was invited to be one of the panellist at the Zeiss 175th Industry Discussion.

During the session, Mr Lee talked about how COVID-19 has changed the business industry of Optometry.

Previously, customers were more used to ‘Walk-Ins’. However, it is now common practice for customers to book an appointment prior to their visit to any Optometry Store. This change has allowed better planning. Mr Lee also shared that COVID-19 has helped raise awareness of Myopia Prevalence – and that parents are now more aware that it is necessary to bring their children for an eye examination annually as young children may not know that they are actually suffering from Myopia.

We are also pleased to announce that we were awarded as the Top 3 Myopia Management Lens Fitters 2021 (ECP).

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