While we know that the holiday season is all about fun and games for the kids, one of the most important things to do during this period is to bring them for an eye check before school reopens! 

The last thing we want for our kids is to find out that their myopia is worsening – especially when this could have been prevented with the right lenses.

Unlike traditional single vision lenses, ZEISS MyoVision Lenses is scientifically proven to assist with myopia management in children between six and 12 years old. To add on, because the spectacle lenses are customised to match your child’s anatomy and lifestyle, your child will experience maximum visual comfort. 

If you are thinking that the ZEISS MyoVision Lenses are expensive, OJO, KAI JOO is glad to share with you our latest ‘Back to School’ promotion! For just $250, you will be able to choose a frame of your choice* paired together with our ZEISS MyoVision Lenses. This promotion is valid till 28th February 2022, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

*Selected Frames Only 

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